Welcome to Illuminations by Greenlee. We are an exterior landscape lighting and licensed electrical contractor. Our firm has become synonymous with excellence in the landscape lighting field. Established in 1966, the principals of this corporation have more than 48 years of collective experience in the design, installation, and service of exterior lighting systems. We pride ourselves on creating systems that provide elegance and beauty in addition to being functional and security effective. We install products that are cost efficient, long lived, and have adequate candlepower to create the effects that have pleased our more than 6,000 clients locally, nationally and internationally.


Most importantly, we have maintained the innovative creativity and quality of projects that our clientele have come to expect. Lighting as is practiced by Illuminations is an art form. Just as a brush and paint are the instruments of a painter, lighting products are our instruments, and the residential and commercial properties of our clientele are the canvases upon which we create our magic.


There is no secret as to why our projects are uniquely distinguished from the competition. Our aesthetically pleasing installations are devised from a true knowledge and understanding of the art, and a desire to purvey nothing less than excellence. It is however unusual that we are as competitively priced as all of the so-called lighting contractors in this highly specialized field.


In summary, if your senses have been stimulated with the anticipation of an exceptional nighttime atmosphere, or if you can envision a lighting environment with all of the beauty and amenities that only Illuminations by Greenlee can offer, we would love to assist you in that endeavor.

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